What Will You See?

What will you see?
Will your patient be an elderly man with a broken hip who simply needs a smile and pain relief on his trip to the hospital?
Or will you respond to find a bruised and mistreated infant whose parents stand in oblivion?
What will you see?
I do not know.

What will you do?
Will you be called upon to set fractures and split broken bones?
Or will you mercilessly perform CPR in order to try to save a loved one?
Will you bring a new life into this world?
Or will you crawl into a mangled car to begin treating a battered patient, with glass shards falling around you as the jaws of life are used to cut the patient free?
What will you do?
I do not know.

Will you put your life on the line?
Will you treat patients with life-threatening diseases that with one accidental needle slip could cause you to contract that fatal disease?
Will you care for a patient on the side of the interstate as cars go flying by?
Will you station your ambulance on standby in a local neighborhood as the police officers work to resolve a standoff?
Will you transport patients hundreds of miles in bad weather?
Will you put your life in the hands of your coworker as you stand, with no seat belt, treating a patient in the back of an ambulance?
Will you put your life on the line?
Yes. You will.

You will put your life on the line.
Because every day you put your life on the line in order to serve those around you – in order to save a life and heal the hurt.


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